Discover Secrets To Owning Your Own Home Without The Bank!

We will reveal proven strategies to LEGALLY own your own house without the Banks.

Be protected by LAW and enjoy home ownership in a few weeks to come.

Forget about the bank AND the NCA you don’t need their permission!


Follow Proven Steps to Fix and Repair your Credit Rating at the Credit Bureaux!

We will show you what can be done to that irritating low credit score and explain how things work at the credit bureaux.

We will show you how you can “repair” your credit score for the future despite having credit “problems”



Can you afford to own a House with High Start-Up Costs?

You need at least 10% as a deposit at the bank to start with.

Not even mentioning attorney’s fees etc.

This is the conventional way of financing a house as done by nearly everyone.

But due to the recession, this way will become harder by the day.

We offer an alternative method of buying your dream house TODAY with none to very little start-up capital.

A strategy tailor made for today to eliminate the NCA and Bank’s from influencing your dream home!


Conventional methods of financing property through banks currently out-dated!

Are conventional methods to buy a property out-dated or too restricted since the National Credit Act came into effect?

Purchasers have become increasingly less enthusiastic about buying property since the introduction of the National Credit Act (NCA) and the global financial meltdown.

Fewer buyers can meet the stringent criteria requested by the banks when buying a property.

And it is getting worse by die day…

If you have the cash-flow per month, but your credit rating falls short, there is a way to secure a property right now - when property prices are at all-time low, with the added advantage that you will be able to build up a track record and a good credit rating; secure finance and then start paying for your new property in two years' time.

Yes! You do not need a bank anymore!

The National Credit Act (NCA)

We’ve heard a lot about the National Credit Act.

Is the NCA really protecting the innocent or is it making things more difficult for the man on the street?

Very few people indeed nowadays will be able to afford a basic need like their own home…

The NCA set out to protect these very people and now hinders them to be able to afford their own home!

Learn from us how to ELIMINATE the NCA from making the perfect deal for you TODAY!


Credit Bureaus: who are they, what are they about, how does the NCA deal with them?

Many people have never heard of them, and yet their details, their personal details, are the property of these bureaus that make their money out of collecting, amending, keeping and selling your information to companies.

Please don’t get the wrong idea.

These bureaus aren’t interested in YOU!

Even though your information is their bread and butter.

Their clients are companies.

Theoretically every missed payment is recorded.

And then if you have a judgement against you, it is recorded there.

Even if you settle the debt, the black dot stays there for a specified number of years…

It’s a one-sided thing, though, because the bank or other lender may have made a mistake and firstly, you would never know it. The credit bureaux’s are the very reason why you won’t be able to qualify for a normal loan with the Banks.

Beat them now since you won’t need a Bank anymore!

The Ombudsman

An ombudsman is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between either the state or an organization, and some internal or external constituency, while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests.

Find out if the Ombudsman will help you or not…




Believe Systems

Change of mind set firstly…

If you are willing to change your mind set completely from what your parents or grandparents have been teaching you, you will greatly benefit from what we are going to teach you!




How to buy property without a bond or any exposure to banks

Wonderful isn’t it? To know that you can buy a property in any market condition, at any time and you do not need a mortgage bond or all the cash up front.

That would be a dream in certain cases, wouldn’t it?

Well, I am here to tell you that this option is not a dream but a reality.

It was always available, but rarely known or fully understood.

We will teach you this method and you will be able to buy a home within a few weeks without the credit bureaux problem, Banks and the NCA!


100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Our Refund Policy

Although we are confident that our book “Bank-Free-Homes” will benefit you in every way, in the event that you are not entirely happy with your purchase within 30 days of your purchase you can request a full refund!

If for any reason you are not happy with the book then we encourage you to contact us and we will see if we can remediate the situation, if we cannot satisfy you we will refund the full asking price.


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